Anycast DNS & Zunicore

Anycast DNS & Zunicore

At Zunicore, we have made it incredibly easy to add, remove, and manage domains with our Anycast DNS.

Anycast DNS provides a network of reliable DNS servers that are capable of adding automatic failover for the DNS servers, high availability, simplicity, and increased security. Anycast has built in reliability and high availability for DNS services because it is a thoroughly dispersed geographical network of servers functioning with “heartbeat” monitoring. Heartbeat monitoring continuously tests the server for functionality. If a server fails to respond to the heartbeat monitoring, the server will no longer be available for DNS services and will be removed from the routing table of available servers. Anycast is incredibly easy and simple to use because it allows a resolver’s query to be routed to the closest topological Anycast server using layer-3 routing.  Your DNS services are also more secure using the Anycast DNS system because decreased man-in-the-middle attacks against the DNS servers and localized DDOS attacks that would affect only a section of the Anycast system instead of the entire Anycast network.

To begin managing your domains with Anycast DNS through the Zunicore User portal, you can use our Domain Management utility underneath the dropdown menu Services  > Domains > Manage.

Make sure to read our step by step DNS Knowledge Base article ‘Zunicore DNS Management’ 

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