General Manager

Greg’s career spans over 20 years, recently having worked with start-ups leveraging virtualization and cloud technologies in Europe’s banking, finance and insurance sectors, as well as the end-user consumer and mobile phone data service markets. His experience extends to establishing software product lines for Dell, managing strategic partnerships with enterprise ISVs, and originating software products supporting AMD’s technology in the high-end x86 markets.

In his words:

Throughout all the 20+ years professionally making things, I have been hotwiring sustainable innovations as a kind of Lemuel Gulliver of technology, agnostic to following technologies for their own sake, but very passionate about how technologies are applied. After all this time, the themes surfacing over and again in the roles I take and the challenges I engage can be summarized as: empower everyone with products innovated in the minds of technology rock stars.  By nature, I am an executive producer of software, a hardware purist, value minimalist, aspiring woodsmith, and lifetime student by choice.  Welcome to the Professional Grade Cloud!!!

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