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Keeping the Clouds safe

I think we all have our own share of words on how we feel about spammers. Let’s assume cloud computing is like the realm of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses. We’re knowledgeable, fair and balanced, but we exile  those who disrupt the rhythm of the cloud. Spammers are to be cast to the limbo of the ocean from the clouds by Zunicore. What do you call 1,000 spammers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!

Zunicore has an advanced internal security system to protect our client’s machines at all costs. If any type of unusual activity is detected, we are immediately notified by the Peer1 Abuse team. All clients’ credit cards are prescreened to filter out any initial fraudulent orders. In addition, if there is any type of abuse directed to a client’s system such as unsolicited spam, DDOS attacks or SIP attacks, the client will be notified instantly through our ticketing system with a full abuse report on the attack.

Cloud Security Concerns

When making the decision to move to the Cloud, a lot of enterprises are unsure how to secure their resources. The uncertainty of sharing resources or migrating all on-location resources to the Public Cloud weighs heavily on all enterprises’ decisions. How can enterprises guarantee that the cloud is the solution that is safest for them?

One way businesses can secure their resources is by not moving all resources into the Cloud. It might be a much safer decision to move only certain resources that need the flexibility and scaling the Cloud can offer. Enterprises should reconsider what resources would benefit the most from migration instead of moving ‘all’ resources to the Cloud.

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Firewall Security

The ability to protect your Cloud servers and services is extremely vital to your Zunicore experience.  Zunicore provides you greater control to adjust exactly what traffic is incoming and outgoing for your Cloud servers.  Since the Zunicore Firewall is external to your Virtual Machine, it provides even greater flexibility in protecting your Cloud servers. The firewall continues to enhance the flexibility and control you would expect from Zunicore while assuring your peace of mind is safe in the clouds.

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