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Cloudy with a chance of ‘Beach Party’

It’s that time of year again. The annual ‘Beach Party’ at SXSW. Join ServerBeach and friends at Austin’s hottest venue, Roial Nightclub for outrageous fun with free drinks, swag and more!

If you are in Austin for SXSW,   come Get Your Geek On and  make sure to catch the Zunicore team at the ServerBeach booth for the real fun 🙂

Access a Zunicore Linux Virtual Machine

At Zunicore Support , we receive a lot of inquiries from users wanting to know how they can access their  new Virtual Machine.

Depending on your Desktop Operating System, you can access the machine a number of ways. Zunicore Support recommends that you access your new Linux server by downloading and running the PuTTY application.

Make sure to read the full guide   about accessing your Virtual Machines for more details

Keeping the Clouds safe

I think we all have our own share of words on how we feel about spammers. Let’s assume cloud computing is like the realm of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses. We’re knowledgeable, fair and balanced, but we exile  those who disrupt the rhythm of the cloud. Spammers are to be cast to the limbo of the ocean from the clouds by Zunicore. What do you call 1,000 spammers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!

Zunicore has an advanced internal security system to protect our client’s machines at all costs. If any type of unusual activity is detected, we are immediately notified by the Peer1 Abuse team. All clients’ credit cards are prescreened to filter out any initial fraudulent orders. In addition, if there is any type of abuse directed to a client’s system such as unsolicited spam, DDOS attacks or SIP attacks, the client will be notified instantly through our ticketing system with a full abuse report on the attack.

Cloud Security Concerns

When making the decision to move to the Cloud, a lot of enterprises are unsure how to secure their resources. The uncertainty of sharing resources or migrating all on-location resources to the Public Cloud weighs heavily on all enterprises’ decisions. How can enterprises guarantee that the cloud is the solution that is safest for them?

One way businesses can secure their resources is by not moving all resources into the Cloud. It might be a much safer decision to move only certain resources that need the flexibility and scaling the Cloud can offer. Enterprises should reconsider what resources would benefit the most from migration instead of moving ‘all’ resources to the Cloud.

See the entire article on Cloud security  and read Zunicore GM Greg Rusu’s suggestions about what businesses should consider when migrating to the Cloud

Enable Peer 1 Nameservers for your FreeBSD cloud server

Zunicore is proud to offer our users the most dynamic server distro on the market : FreeBSD. FreeBSD has a long tradition of being recognized as one of  the most advanced  server Operating Systems available. The FreeBSD code has been supported for over 30 years and the FreeBSD team is  constantly striving for improvement to make sure FreeBSD will always be the first sever distro of choice for thousands of enterprises around the world.  Learn more about FreeBSD and how the distro can meet any of your  server’s needs

If you have recently provisioned a new FreeBSD template, you will soon notice that the Peer 1  nameservers are not added to your /etc/resolv.conf. If your FreeBSD template does not have the Peer 1 nameservers, your template will not be able to resolve domain names into IP addresses.

To correct this, you can quickly edit your /etc/resolv.conf  by adding the nameservers.

Read the entire Knowledge Base article about how to edit the configuration file

How to troubleshoot access to your Linux Virtual Server

Recently updated your Linux template with an #apt-get upgrade or #yum upgrade, edited your IPtables, or changed your networking configurations and now cannot access your cloud server?

Our Zunicore portal allows you to boot into  ‘Recovery Mode’  and begin diagnosing your cloud server. Rebooting in recovery allows users to boot a recovery image that can be used for troubleshooting a cloud server.

After rebooting your Virtual Machine, you can mount the server and investigate why the machine failed to boot into normal mode. Mount the drive by running #mount /dev/sdb1 /directory.

Now, you can investigate what updates you performed, what recent software you installed, and what possible configurations you made that is preventing you from accessing your cloud.

Check out Zunicore’s Tips and Tricks articles about recovering your Linux virtual servers

About ‘ZCFREE’

At Zunicore, we strive to provide our users an absolutely new experience they would never get  from any other cloud provider.

No one truly believes Zunicore offers them the freedom, control, and flexibility over their cloud resources. We do not force users into a contract with a no-cancellation policy, users are not stuck with vendor lock in, and the only limitation  Zunicore users ever  experience is how creative can they be with their new freedom!

Zunicore is extremely motivated to provide our users a one-of-a-kind experience. We want our users to see for themselves how incredibly easy it is from signing up, ordering a Resource Pool, and provisioning a Virtual Server.

But it is not only the amazing speed of provisioning a new Virtual Server Zunicore wants to showcase, we want our users to stay for the entire show! If we provided users with a much smaller duration for the trial, they would never be truly able to experience the Zunicore cloud, our awesome support response time, our adaptation to feature requests, and our rocketing rise in the Cloud industry.

Zunicore: A Purpose-Built Cloud for Agile Businesse

While cloud computing has shown strong market growth in recent years, it has served a limited set of business customers that could benefit from its one-size-fits-all approach. Many businesses across a diverse range of industries, such as marketing agencies, SMB product and financial services companies, professional services firms, and gaming companies have very specific needs when it comes to the cloud. As such, they have not been able to benefit as much from the cloud’s promise of providing highly scalable, instanton, and cost-effective computing resources to serve a global audience.

For these businesses to gain from the cloud, they require a cloud service offering that allows them to work with their existing people, processes, and technology infrastructure as they deliver services to their own customers over the Web. A new type of cloud service has emerged that provides businesses with the four critical elements they seek today: control, flexibility, reliability, and cost efficiency. This new type of cloud, professional-grade cloud, has been developed specifically for businesses with unique and changing technology requirements as they bring varying types of campaigns to the Web.

Read the detailed white-paper further elaborating how Zunicore’s Professional Cloud is the perfect solution for all of your cloud’s needs

Web Proximity

Pod location vs. Physical location

Cloud computing is a multibillion dollar global industry with growing monopolistic competition. Every hosting company has their own unique attributes that set them apart from the others. Like any smart consumer, you want to do your research and determine which features will best suit you and/or your company’s needs. And by research I mean beyond the first page that shows up on your search engine. As you’re exploring, you will recognize that most cloud hosting companies have local and international pod locations. You may become overwhelmed at all the options, but don’t worry! Options are good! Understanding your options is the first step to success. The main question is determining which pod location you should dedicate your server to. As a potential client you may wonder, “Does my physical location have any relevance to where the pod is located?” A common myth with web proximity is that if you dedicate your server to the closest pod location based on city, state or country, the speed may be faster. This is false. Pod locations do not affect speed performance. It all boils down to your personal needs and what the hosting company has to offer.

Things to consider:

  • Support: managed, unmanaged
  • Pricing
  • Flexible security settings
  • Supports a variety of Operating Systems
  • Scalability for resources
  • Usage

The only downside when selecting an international pod location is that some companies may include an international tax fee when you order your services. Zunicore currently has pod locations in Portsmouth, UK, Toronto, Canada and Fremont, California. If you would like to know more about our current pod locations and our plans for future launches, open a chat or submit a ticket and do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions!  🙂

Firewall Security

The ability to protect your Cloud servers and services is extremely vital to your Zunicore experience.  Zunicore provides you greater control to adjust exactly what traffic is incoming and outgoing for your Cloud servers.  Since the Zunicore Firewall is external to your Virtual Machine, it provides even greater flexibility in protecting your Cloud servers. The firewall continues to enhance the flexibility and control you would expect from Zunicore while assuring your peace of mind is safe in the clouds.

Continue Reading how incredibly easy it is to enable additional security

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